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Our new single, 'Mamaita No Quiere' hits the ground running with an explosive energy created by what is essentially our six man rhythm machine. From the first note, the trumpet and percussion beckon itchy feet to the dance floor with an upbeat melody that can lift any spirit. The Spanish lyrics spin the narrative of a party goer who can’t imagine why "Mamaíta" (Little Mama) won’t dance with him only to have him admit the ground will tremble if she does.

‘New York City's Conjunto Guantánamo... celebrates Cuban folklore as the spirit breathing life into its sound.’
 – The Lowell Sun

This second single from the upcoming album gives our tribe yet another teaser before the April 2019 full album release. Co-produced by Ulises Beato and Pepito Gomez, 'Moviendo Los Caracoles' is a collection of some of the most beautiful and infectious Cuban songs ever written, masterfully refreshed in Carlos Mena's contemporary arrangements at Brooklyn’s Nganga Records by Conjunto Guantánamo.