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If there's one thing to keep in mind when listening to heavy hitting San Bernardino locals "Crush Fetish", it's that they are not a "comedy" act. Sadly, due to the bizarre nature of their music, and snarky lyrical sarcasm, they have been struggling with avoiding this label from the get-go. The group has been making some of the filthiest music on the planet since their start in 2012. We don't necessarily mean "filthy" in a good way either. Their music is harsh, bizarre, and abstract... Their sounds are as puzzling and amusing as they are entertaining. Amidst the din of sludgy distortion and squeals, you can occasionally hear hints and subtle flavors of influence from staple grind, black metal, and doom acts such as Nails, Bongripper, Napalm Death, and Anal Cunt. With two EPs and a debut album under their belt, they are now just beginning to play live shows around southern California, and promote their music to a wider audience.

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