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Ordained Strength echoes a theme of new life, new birth and creation. Of coming out of trial and waiting into a manifestation of hope. As we began to compose and explore melodies and sounds, the music outgrew our own expectations. Ordained Strength has a coherent atmosphere throughout and continues to refine the development of musical influences that became evident in Hope. Melodies and atmospheres shape the movement of each individual track and the album as a whole. The album itself takes a journey through what is known as the circle of 5ths. The first track - Ordained Strength - is written in G major, from their each track changes by a single note and travels backwards through the circle of 5ths ending with Release written in Db. The music unwinds your heart, it’s a journey of rest.

Throughout the years of developing music we have also refined our method of tuning music to particular frequencies, in the past it has sometimes compromised on the audio quality but with Ordained Strength the quality has been maintained through more effective ways of tuning the music. Four oils inspired us in the creation of Ordained Strength: Gentle Baby, Frankincense, Peace & Calming and Inner Child.

Changing the resonant frequency of each track is not the only process we have done to the music. On almost every track we have embedded binaural beats into the soundscape of the music. These have been shown to improve relaxation, meditation and some even replicate the brain waves of babies inside the mothers womb. Look at individual track descriptions for further detail on the specific key, frequency and binaural beats used.

Use this music as you choose, for blissful awareness of God, moving moments with your own heart, or simply for entertainment.

May Ordained Strength be an expression and a declaration of new life and new beauty in and around you.