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Two years after Frequencies, Hope is released.

This album was funded by our 2016 Kickstarter campaign and the original aim was to create something very similar to Frequencies, in fact for a long time we were referring to this album with the title Vibrations. However, during the process of creating this album we went through a season of learning how to Hope in times that feel hopeless. Many of the musical influences in this album are similar, with ambient themes running through a majority of the tracks, yet there are also new ideas and new styles expressed in this album. The focus on changing the resonant frequency of the music has continued from Frequencies yet there is now a deeper focus; to inspire a burning Hope in hopeless hearts.

We want to thank every single person who donated to our Kickstarter and continue to support our work with Creative Sound. With special thanks to Shawn and Anna Boyd, Alison Cain, Rosie Jarvis, Stephen and Rachel May, Samantha Morris, Sharon Rawson, Nicola Sawyer, Bobby Schmitt & Zachary Sowers.