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4 Songs from the Nov 2nd debut album "Volume 1," including a brand new unreleased track "Rainbows."

“Keep the heart high.” For Coyote Choir, this is less a mission statement than it is a summary of their experience. Brothers Jason and Paul Watkins (vocals and bass respectively) and drummer Mathew Linton bonded over a mutual case of musical burnout. Their journey of reclaiming the joy together results in their debut, Volume 1. It is a sound both new and familiar—think Brandon Flowers meets The Traveling Wilburys—combining smart pop songcraft with gorgeous soundscapes. Songs like “Kingdom Of Love,” “Rainbows,” and “Sing!” declare the arrival of a new spirit of creation, and invite the listener to take back their joy from whatever or whoever stole it. In an age of cynicism and self-indulgence, Coyote Choir bellows a message as urgent as it is infectious. We’ve never needed it more.