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Coraya's first EP Red Earth, Released on September 16th 2013

Track descriptions:

Head Buzz - This track is about everyday pressure and stress of life. How we create 'to-do lists' and become obsessed with getting too much done. It also touches on insomnia due to overthinking about everyday life and not switching off. This track is a real stomper with a big grooving guitar riff, catchy chorus lines dual guitar solos and a crescendo ending.

Red Earth - This track is about why we and the earth are here. The different theories about how the world began, and how you try to understand yourself and then also explain this to someone innocent such as a child. The track is pretty upbeat and rocks along at a solid tempo with a moody middle section and melodic guitar solo.

Flies Before My Eyes - This track is about being blinded completely by flies, with them being smeared all over the windscreen/windshield and you not being able to see a way out. This can also be considered likened to a situation, where you can't see a way out. This track rocks along with a bouncy guitar riff, it has a big wah wah guitar solo, which drops down to a somber section which again builds to the final chorus with a chunky outro section.

Words Can Be Weapons - This track is about how words and abuse don't have to be physical they can be through words and this can be just as painful if not sometimes more. The track is based around someone with a split personality who flips from happy to angry. The track start quite slow and somber, building throughtout to a faster tempo, powerful ending with gang chants at the end.

Cut My Teeth - This track is about what music influenced you as you grew up, and what music/bands you "Cut Your Teeth" on. The song is a little cryptic with some of it's lyrics, as they also relate to artists our vocalist Adam remembers influencing him, as he was growing up. This track has a real classic groove to it with Bass and drums under vocals in the first half of the verse then the guitars come in. Big vocals on the chorus and a laid back mid section building to a huge crescendo at the outro section of the song.