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CONNIE LANSBERG is a singer/songwriter who performs original folk/pop and cool jazz. She is a vocal interpreter of the wonderful stories told by the American Song Book and beyond. With the Connie Lansberg Quartet, the mood is light, the stories deep. Connie utilizes a committed ensemble of talented jazz artists. Its not just Connie’s voice that draws you in, its also the expert playing of the members of her band that provide the backdrop for her sophisticated and delightful vocals. When the two are combined you have the perfect cocktail to delight your senses. With influences as far flung as jazz greats Blossom Dearie, June Christy and Diana Krall to modern day artists such as Adele and Sting, The Connie Lansberg Quartet is committed to bringing a classic sound into the light of modern music. The band members contract and swell as need be using flute, trumpet, sax and even Hammond to give color and flavor to each unique story.