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We hope you'll enjoy listening to this little sample of Fortune: The Songs of Noah Hall. The Duets between Noah Hall and Cris Martinez are the subject of Duets, Vol 1. For more songs from Fortune, check out the links under "Connect" and "Buy", to the right. Class Picture Project is a music project from singer/songwriter Noah Hall (Easterly, Whiskey Priest) and producer/engineer Stan Keightley. It was recorded and arranged at VegetativeState in Salem, Oregon. The pair, along with Carson Hughes, brought together 32 amazing local musicians for the recordings. The album was recorded and mixed in 6 weeks. With few exceptions, the musicians had never heard the songs they performed on before arriving to perform. In some cases the performers improvised their own parts, others were directed by Stan or Noah. Many songs morphed drastically in the studio, most surprisingly turning many songs into duets. The result is a musical work full of energy, emotion, and many fortunate moments of creatively inspired collaboration. Fans of Whiskey Priest and Easterly will be familiar with the strong melodies and emotive lyrical content. However, Class Picture marks the first time Noah has shared lead vocal duties. Selina Robertson and Cris Martinez are the highlights of the album. They sing in captivating conversation with Noah.