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"In his fifth album, Steadfast, Civilized Creature presents a series of “poetry and journal entries” that, through meditative lyrics and electronic instrumentation, explore the unfailing nature of Christ.

Singer/songwriter Ryan Lane recorded the majority of Steadfast while moving from Portland, OR to his current home in Gig Harbor, WA. For three months, Lane lived in an apartment complex in Tacoma, WA, during which time Steadfast was birthed. Due to his limited recording space, Lane adopted a more electronic approach, using digital emulators of sounds native to experimental electronica from the 70s and 80s.

These ten tracks reflect a stilling and focusing of the heart on Christ, from the earnest plea for relief in the title track to the closing realization of God’s presence in “You Are.” 'Leaning into my Savior, into the arms of Jesus is something I’m really sorting out and discovering in a deeper way,' Lane says. 'A lot of this music was me just working out what that looks like.' "