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This is the first in a series of collections from our tues. nite sessions, a small gathering focused on worship and intercession, which has been nicknamed 'revelation station'. What we did with recording early on to round things out was just play the whole evening out, then i'd hop right on the next day and dub in some bassline ideas; and in keeping with the 'improv' vein, i'd limit myself to 2-3 punch in's and play through the whole take, then mix it down.

Also, this is not the whole thing; the size of these files filled up the space allotted, so i'll split up the set and come back with pt2, hopefully within a few days of writing this, and a sequel-looking cover maybe.

Anywayz, it was nearing time to finalize a one-sheet for the 1st round of sessions and just put it out there, then i found NT, and i was like, hmmmm. So, thanks in no small part to divine providence, here is "Revstat1"