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Cinemavolta grew up in a basement of a small village in North of Italy called Montichiari. Max Tozzi and Stefano Fornasari began to record some noises with a four-track recorder and then with a computer (a pentium II with a Sound Blaster). They were influenced by British and American artists such as the Who, Elvis Costello, Supergrass, Phish and Soulwax (yes, Belgian artists too…). After recruitment of other musicians they played their music in North Italy’s clubs and put togheter a new self-produced album in the same basement: Mid-fi Life. Max Casacci, producer of a famous italian pop-band called Subsonica, listened to the cd and decided to record the “Weekend” album (Mid-fi Life with italian lyrics) for his new indie label Casasonica. Released in May 2005 the album was distributed by Emi. October 2007: it's time for a new project ("Smetti di essere felice"). A novel and a cd with 10 orginal tracks and a PUSA's cover. In October 2008 the Cinemavolta work with Claudio Bisio on another cd-book, "Il mio dio è ateo" by Giorgio Terruzzi for Sperling & Kupfer.On 2009 they recorded an acoustic ep called "Guerra fredda" (Cold War). On January 2013 they realease the new album "Love, Party o Altro?".