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As things start coming together in the studio I start meeting key artists that believed in and contributed to the concept of this free recording studio.

Christiano was one of those. He recorded a lot and was always working on songs. He was a tall, fit, handsome, wide eyed black guy. Everywhere he walked he wore giant white headphones that contrasted against his dark skin and carried a notebook to write lyrics. You could spot him anywhere.

He was a very intelligent and charming fellow as well. It’s hard to recall exactly when I met Christiano Can, but I can recall exactly what he said. I asked him where he was from, and he replied, “I’m from Earth.” I laughed and said “No, really.” He replied, “Really.”. Okay, fair enough. “Where were you born?” He said, “On a plane in the sky.” Okay, he is clearly lying. No way in Hell is Christiano from Earth.

- Chris Loveless