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Christafari pays tribute the the Salvation Amy on their 150th year of worldwide ministry with a new song inspired by William Booth's last speech titled "I'll Fight!"

While woman weep as they do now I'll fight Men gone to prison in and out I'll fight While there's a lost girl in the streets I'll fight And children go hungry with no food to eat I'll fight Homeless struggling on the streets I'll fight And even one unwanted pregnancy I'll fight--for life! So when disaster strikes and they need relief I'll fight And even one drunk staggering down the streets I'll fight For the women being battered and abused I'll fight And lives in shambles from drug use I'll fight--I know the feeling. Children being sold into slavery I'll fight And girls trapped in sex trafficking I'll fight While there remains one soul I'll fight One dark soul without the light of Jesus Christ I'll fight I’ll Fight—I’ll fight to the very end! I'll fight