From Chris Sparks

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All About The Music

I love fans who have a real passion for music, lyrics and real artists. I would rather have a direct connection with 1,000 true fans than a distant connection with a million people who really don't care about the music or the lyrics. I like to be heavily involved in my music. So, I write and produce every song. I don't write for the radio or a record label. I want to make great music that I like with no restrictions. So, I work with the best studios, musicians & engineers in Nashville to independently record all of my own songs. I've never had the desire to work with record labels because I believe you cannot make great music by committee.

I Guarantee if You Love One of My Songs, You'll Hate the Next One!

I have no desire to stick to one genre. I love blending any style, especially old school soul, classic rock, hard rock, blues, country and classical. I write and produce all of my music and choose music that best fits the song. So, you might hear one song that mixes old soul with a hard rock guitar and a full string orchestra. The next song might be straight country with fiddle and steel. So, you may very well absolutely love one song and hate the next. But, I love taking that chance, pushing for something new and being true to the song.

Sensuality & Groove

No matter what the tempo or instrumentation, my music will always have a certain groove mixed with sensual and sometimes provocative lyrics.