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Chrissi Poland is a true soul singer, writer, and multi-instrumentalist. Weaving in the sounds of soul, roots, and electro-pop, she channels a vibe that captivates and compels people to wonder how "that voice comes from that little body." After touring the world for nearly three years with the acclaimed disco/pop band Scissor Sisters and a run on the Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tour, Chrissi knew it was time to release her next batch of songs, cultivated and inspired by the electrifying synth-pop world in which she had been embedded. Weaving electro-pop sounds and hooks with a driving rhythmic feel, Reckless Ones was born. The EP, produced by Matt Pendergast, is a powerful collection of songs composed by Chrissi, showcasing her astounding vocal prowess and offering a luscious soundscapes and unforgettable hooks. The music video for the first single, "Possible", has drawn much excitement and accolades from both critics and fans. Reckless Ones will have you dancing on your feet one moment, and lying on your back in introspection the next. Chrissi Poland creates an experience, through words, lyrics, and the breath of the music that comes through the speakers loud and clear.