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Following his parents Red and Murphy Henry into the music business, Chris has found respect as one of the premiere up and coming artists of the 21st century. From steeping long in the great bluegrass tradition, to stretching out in more progressive ensembles like Shawn Camp, and Peter Rowan's bands, he has learned at the side of many masters and is coming into his own right as a songwriter and singer, as well as wielding impressive power on many stringed instruments. Making My Way to You is a collection of new songs that draw from Chris's diverse musical background to take the listener on a journey from hard-driving traditional bluegrass, to more folky places with a healthy dose of country flavored Americana. Fans will immediately notice the broad range of production that coalesces into a compelling collection of energy featuring the talents of Jason Carter on the fiddle,Smith Curry on pedal steel and Dobro, and Sarah Sellari on harmony vocals.