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When you’re running from the things that attached to you, it’s okay to run. It’s okay to be worried. It’s part of being human.

The thing about life is, it will never goes away. Unless you say so. It’s really an interesting life we live in. Meeting new people, family’s issues, fallen friendship, fallen relationship, it’s all a part of living. But have you ever think to look at the sky above? Or looking down at streets, feeling the rain, and realize all the things that surround you?

Life can always drag you to something you don’t really want. But mostly life can bring you to the beauty of a caring friend, great bosses, a great car, and even the good air we breathe. Imagine life without air?

Sometimes life is like riding in a roller coaster. It brings you up and down and even upside down. But you do realize that you can always get out of your roller coaster right? You can always ask to stop the ride and be free, even for a while.

It seems easy in theory, I know, but it only take strength and courage to do it. It really is. Even a fugitive can escape from the most secured prison in town.

The reason I’m making this album is to encourage people who didn’t have strength to carry on with life to really get up and be free. We’re not controlled by life, we control our life. Maybe everyone can fool you, make fun of you, and even hurt your feeling. Maybe everyone can take your money, steal your precious bike, and even take your school bag. But remember this, No one will ever take your soul. No one will have your soul, not for one minute. You are the center of the universe.

The message of this album is to be strong and be humble even when you’re feeling discontent with life. If you feel like running, then run. If you feel like stopping, then stop. It’s you behind the roller coaster. It is you the one behind the wheel.

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