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Cephas is no stranger to Christian Hip Hop. He's been working for years producing for the likes of Bizzle, Eshon Burgundy, Yaves, Bumps Inf, Datin, Selah The Corner, D Maub, and K Drama among others. However, Live From The Couch is his first official solo project.

The EP is a 5 track instrumental hip hop/electronic record that packs plenty of quirky surprises ranging from “Uncle Fred” – which samples the Sanford & Son theme song – to “The Mission,” a nostalgic nod to east coast 90’s hip hop, to “Eventually” a trip-hop remix of psychedelic indie-rockers Tame Impala.

The album name and artwork is based off a couch that Cephas and his friends picked out from a thrift store freshman year of college. The couch was only meant to be a temporary fixture in his studio but over time became a mainstay traveling with him to three different locations. The idea for the project is to invite the audience on a tour of his musical journeys... all from the nostalgic vantage point of the infamous "Couch."

Live From The Couch is perfect for anyone collecting vinyl or thinks Wu-Tang deserves more radio play...