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Batiscafo Katiuscas. Antònia Font, Batiscafo Katiuscas.Negra Sombra. Carlos Nuñez, A irmandade das estrelas.

Enjoy the silence. Depeche Mode, Violator.

Te debo un baile. Nueva Vulcano,

Los peces de colores. Dança da Solidâo.

Marisa Monte, Rosa e Charcoal.

Harvest Moon. Neil Young, Harvest moon.

Sophia. Ernesto Aurignac y Javier Galiana, Uno.

I shall be release. Bob Dylan, Music from big pink.

Puncha puncha. Tradicional Sefaradí


That’s what Romeo means to me. We grew up togheter. He was always by my side as much as I was at his. So, unavoidably, we would be marked by the same music along our years togheter. He went away too soon, but he left me our shared songs to keep me company. And overall Romeo gave me the gift of creativity, self-confidence, and the ultimate artistic deed _freedom. He looked it all, analysed it all, registered it all and he always turned it into art. That’s the reason for naming this album after him. It is Romeo who inspires these songs, because at singing them I keep feeling close to the eternal ROMEO who showed me the way.