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Originating in Cedar City, a band of brothers came together one crisp February morning. For just a moment, there was a strange yet subtle silence in the air. There was no wind, even the air had lost its breath in anticipation of what was about to be. A dog barked a distance away, it's tremulous echo traveled over the peaceful yet busy rooftops. Three boys felt somewhat inspired today. Something was different. Something extraordinary was about to happen. Grouped together in a small room surrounded by windows, the young men were unsure as to what their actions this day would proliferate. With no knowledge of the future at hand, a small but outspoken boy took his place at the piano. This overly jovial boy, by the name of Dan Corry, (or The Great Dhzan, depending on who you are) was finding his inspiration. In his mind, Dan attempted to grasp a subject. He attempted to take hold of something that he had to offer the world. An idea that only he could share, that would be his and his alone. Dan wanted an authentic and interesting message that he could use to share his story. Not a story of majestic beginnings, but a small taste of his point of view. A view of the joys and sorrows of the teenage LDS boy, seeking to make his impact on the world. Suddenly, all these thoughts that swam through his mind disappeared. In fact, he lost all sense of reason and discretion. His once noble thoughts were instantly transformed into thoughts of ego-centricity and personal gain. And thus, the CC-Thugz were born.