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Advent is a time of longing and anticipation for the coming of Christ. The long period of time the people of God waited for their Savior is a mirror image of the anticipation we as Christians have for Christ's return today. During the Advent season there seems to be a lot of songs in the church focused on the Christmas story, but a scarcity of songs that focus on this aspect of Advent . This caused the worship leaders at CCC to come together and start working on these songs in order to give a voice to this concept of longing leading up to Christmas. The words focus on the prophetic words about Christ told in the Old Testament, Christ's work on the cross, and our anticipation of his return.

CCC has 4 main venues (Sanctuary, East Hall, Aurora, and Highland Square) and the worship leaders from these venues each contributed a song to this EP. All of the songs are ancient Advent hymns that have been repurposed for the modern church. Please feel free to contact us if you want chord charts or any other resources!