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Caves, the project led by Josh McCabe, was birthed out of

a painful season in Josh’s life. Once leading a young adults ministry that reached thousands across Canada and the World, Josh reached a point in which God began to uproot several areas of Josh’s life and marriage, something that was an earnest prayer.

At 25 years old, Josh and his wife Kyla stepped away from ministry for a season, leaving behind everything that was built over the years. During this season, Josh recalls feeling much like David did when he fled from Saul to the caves. Feeling the uncertainty of what was ahead, he began to pour out his heart to God, and allow God to birth something fresh in him.

The songs from the debut album Caves, reflect the journey from brokenness to restoration, and God’s presence even in the midst of doubt and confusion. Today, Josh and his wife Kyla have two beautiful kids named Adelaide, and London, and together they pastor Reckless Movement, a growing young adults community north of Toronto Canada.