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Los Angeles songwriter Cassie Brandi explores the art of letting go with the new EP, Beautiful Surrender. The EP was recorded with producer Will Gramling (touring band: Colbie Caillat, Cheyenne.) The success of a fully funded Kickstarter campaign reminded her of the support she had from family & friends, a particular kind of freedom that allowed her to pour herself into the songs. “Sometimes, I just start playing the piano and see what phrases or words come out and go with it,” she explained, “I've written songs I didn't know I wanted to write that way.” The EP dives into the theme of how love can make us feel: joy, pain, sadness, excitement, comfort & security. The song “Dangerous” examines the pain of being with the wrong person, while others are about finding the right one. In this case, that was her then-fiancé Jon, about whom she bubbled over in excitement after their engagement with, “In the Light of Your Love,” & penned a special kind of vow with, “I Do.” “It was a surprise for our wedding, so I had to make him leave the studio when we started to record that so he wouldn't hear it,” she recalled. “It didn't feel right to sing someone else's love song to him, so I wrote one.” It’s those moments that make Cassie Brandi’s music both deeply personal & undeniably attainable. Her spirit drives each song, all of which reflect the growth she’s experienced over the years. “I definitely second guess myself a lot less now. I focus more on how things make me feel rather than if they are perfect.”