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'from dust to heaven's lights' is a project that has grown out of the collaboration between an artist, a poet and myself (a musician and composer). The process of using poetry as a basis for many of these compositions has been interesting. Trying to capture the essence and feeling of a poem and then turning that into melodies and harmonies is awesome and also fairly subjective. All of these pieces try to capture a story and I love the way that music is able to express so many things at once and you, as the listener, may have a completely different story in mind as you listen to these…that is allowed, imagine away! Art is often a way of making sense of life and of expressing the intricacies and sheer delight and terror of being alive. It is my hope that as you listen to this music, you will realise that you have a story to tell, dreams to dream and a very specific purpose in being alive.

I decided to go for a very 'honest' studio recording and did not auto tune every single note (in fact I think we only auto tuned about 5 notes) in an effort to have a raw and real feel to this...our stories are raw and real and wonderful and I wanted to capture this in the recordings. I would like to thank everyone who has made this possible. This is a dream that I have had since I was a little girl and seeing it become a reality is incredible.