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About a year ago, I began to compose my own weird and experimental cinematic/alternative music as a kind of therapy through a lot of personal health issues.

Dealing with unemployment for a while, as well as ongoing chronic fatigue, I had a lot of free time, and I spent a lot of it learning how to create music using digital audio workstations (DAWs). Over the months I began to get the hang of it, and it quickly became a huge obsession and passion. Expressing my love for film scores and Christian hip hop, I'm currently enjoying blending these two passions together, and the result over the last year has been my now EP, Out of Nothing.

This EP, Out of Nothing, is a culmination of my love for cinematic music and Christian hip hop. It’s entirely instrumental, and is the result of hundreds of hours of work over the past year.

I called it Out of Nothing for three reasons. One, because the entire EP, including all of the orchestra sounds, was created literally out of "nothing", on my computer - no “real” instruments. It is made of entirely virtual instruments, from scratch (except for a few sample loops that I borrowed). Two, because it symbolises my ongoing recovery of my mental health, and my personal growth, coming out of a very long and dark battle with depression and anxiety. And lastly, because it symbolises my hope in God. “Out of Nothing” is the phrase that Bible scholars use to describe how God created the universe and our world - “Ex Nihilo”, latin for “Out of Nothing”. It describes how God created everything, including matter, space and time, you, me, and music - out of nothing. Even though we have such humble beginnings, God has given us all inherent value, dignity and worth as people that he has created, enough to warrant sending his Son to die for us.

I’ll be honest, this music is not everyone’s cup of tea! But, my goal was to make something that I like, since I’m my own worst critic. And if I like it, hopefully some other people will too!

Thanks, and enjoy,