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About a year ago, I began to compose my own weird and experimental cinematic/alternative music as a kind of therapy while working through a lot of personal health issues. Over the months as I began to get the hang of it, it became a huge passion and obsession. Expressing my love for film scores and Christian hip hop, I'm currently enjoying blending these two passions together, and the result over the last year has been my now EP, Out of Nothing.

Out of Nothing is my "lovechild" personal project from over the last year, representing blood, sweat and tears, while growing through a lot of experiences over the last year. It symbolises a huge personal achievement for me, having finally finished working on something I have been so passionate about. However, this is certainly not the only kind of music I will make in the future. I love film music and I love hip hop, but wherever I find inspiration, I will keep learning and blending sounds together, and creating weird and interesting stuff.