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Jorgensen’s second full-length album captures the same simplistic tones as his first with an added richness and confidence in every fill. "Leaving the Night Behind Us", released April 2, 2013, was mastered by Taylor Deupree, founder of K12 Records, artist and producer for various ambient artists, including Hammock. Each track unfolds with layer upon layer of synthesizer matched with intricately designed textures, delicate keys, arresting guitar riffs, and light field recordings, staying true to the organic feel created throughout his first release. “Leaving the Night Behind Us” attempts to row in the deep of the reality of blackest nights and derision in disappointed hopes, exploring the grief strung by rejection and loss through a melancholic mood, and to prove that beauty sets on broken hearts surely as the Eastern horizon glows faint again in morning hours. As the album opens with “Leaving,” slow-building synthesizer and a nearly-hesitating piano melody hauntingly portray the unsettled admittance of being left. Brilliant story-telling and musical composition aid in unraveling this process of struggle over the following nine tracks. In the end, Jorgensen’s album begins to sustain the hope of a swift sunrise.