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Canopy Climbers, an alt/electronic outfit comprised of three friends (Cory Nelson, Alan Thomas, Nathan Miller) hailing from three different cities, crafts its music in the cloud. Each track is sent back and forth via the internet, each member adding their respective musical task until it is perfected. Because of this, the guys jokingly never consider themselves a "real band." Cory explains it this way: "We're all at different places in life. We don't really tour or play many shows. We just love creating music together, obviously at the same place and same time when we can, but as for now collaborating online is the best way to make it happen efficiently." Their first independently released album, Distances, offers a sound that is progressive, yet rightly restrained. The album focuses on thoughts and questions regarding God, faith, love and loss - some of life's most notable themes. Distances proves itself as the beginning of what looks to be a great journey ahead for Canopy Climbers.