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13 New tracks from America's Redneck Troubadour. Featuring clever lyric's, catchy melodies and some of the top session players in the Country Music today. Kickin' Ass and Takin' Names is the fifth album of all original material from Buck. Uptempo classic's like Barnhouse Boogie and Cruise Control with get your toes tapping, while humorous lyric's like "I need a weekend to recover from the weekend," "You Can Have Her (I don't want her back)" "Was my girlfriend abducted by Space Aliens?" or the title track are fan faves! "Last bar in the Universe" is the quirkiest hit we've seen in a while "You're number one" may be the love song of the year with it's beautiful finger-style guitar and violin lines. "Stuck Behind the Eightball Again" show's off the story teller in Buck as "Truckstop Blues" showcases Mike Schools on the lead guitar. Bluegrass fans will love "How much hurt can one heart hold" and there's even a Polka! All in all a musical journey you won't want to miss!