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Smart and tasty alternative rock with a dash of acoustic lullaby, a pinch of smoky jazz, a splash of blues, a generous layer of harmonies, and a ton of awesome guitar parts, mixed well, and served al dente. The title track of "Look at You" was written for my first granddaughter, Stella, who is gazing at a galaxy on the cover. The song compares her to "Hubble pictures, wonders of the Universe," and Stella wins, though Hubble is pretty awesome too. The rest of the album covers a wide range of rock styles, with some wonderful guitar playing by my friend, producer, engineer, and one man band, Roger Lavallee. About half of the songs were written with the help of various iPhone and iPad apps, standing in for my usual guitar and keyboard writing tools. This has opened up a new range of sounds and moods which Roger has helped me to expand into full and exciting productions. Two of the songs have a jazzier feel, and a few of them ("Down & Out," "Lady Heartache," "My Baby Won't Say So") have a blues-rock vibe much inspired by the Black Keys. "Obliviosity" could be my theme song - an ode to male tunnel vision. "Losing Control (Drowned Cities)" was inspired by a dystopian SF novel about a near-future world dominated by much higher seas and populated with warlords, genetically-engineered soldiers, and too many sad stories. Roger also helped me to come up with a lot of cool harmonies and background vocal parts. I think this album reflects my musical roots in the sixties and seventies, updated with some of the alternative rock approaches that I love these days. I'm uploading a three-song sampler from the album to Noisetrade. The full album is available at, iTunes,, and various other digital download and streaming sites.