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What is an audio book musical? It's a narrative, on mp3, that is scored like a film and, since it's a musical, the characters frequently break into song.

Somewhere between Spring Awakening, Dr. Horrible, and High School Musical, Strike Night's contemporary songs and orchestrations tell the dramatic - and, at turns, humorous - story of a young man as he steps into "the real world". Simon, the star of his high school's theatre program, leaves his home and younger girlfriend behind to pursue his theatrical dreams. Can he make a long distance relationship work? Will his ambitions be realized?


STRIKE (verb): Theatre slang for the deconstruction of a production (dismantling sets, collecting rentals, removing pit instruments, etc.)

STRIKE NIGHT (noun): The last night of a show's production, the closing night of a show's run.

*Audiobook, Soundtrack cd, and EDM Remix cd are available separately on iTunes, Amazon, & all other digital distributors!*