From Brent Cowles

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Denver CO based Brent Cowles began playing the guitar at the age of 13. At 17, Cowles founded a project under the moniker You, Me and Apollo. The band released a well-received debut EP titled Cards with Cheats and later a full length album, Sweet Honey. After a great ride and three years of touring the United States, and much to their fans dismay, the band called it quits.

But as that chapter slammed shut, 27-year-old Cowles not only went electric for the songs that would become Cold Times, he dug deep into his vocal chords to find a new persona – that of the rare rock ‘n’ roll frontman whose nuances behind the mic still allow him to create a genuine connection to his fans.

Brent Cowles’ debut EP COLD TIMES is available now through Dine Alone Records