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The name is Vanessa, my music goes by the name "Bread and Wine", and I was born and raised in the sunny state of California. B-) By God's goodness and grace in Christ, I was set free. Through this, I believe God gave me a desire He put in my heart very long ago; the ability to sing (somewhat well) and the ability to get out on paper what is in my heart! :)

I believe God gave the name "Bread and Wine" to be the face of my music because my desire is to extend an invitation to all who may listen to what bread and wine represent in the Bible; that is hope, peace, reconciliation and life in Christ through His sacrifice on the cross. I hope in every song that I release that you would hear my heart and more than anything, I hope to bring glory to God.

Please enjoy and find me on Facebook at and if you feel led, please help me fundraise for my next *full length* CD at