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This is the carefully crafted result of a youth in the 80s, the nostalgic feeling in our gut when we think about our childhood and the environment surrounding us at the time. Neon colors, Reebok Pumps, British Knights, Atari, Varsity jackets, sexual promiscuity, a barrage of symmetrical concept cars (many of which were built only once), lots of hair spray, and let’s not forget the legendary movies and music produced at the time. The outfit was formed in 2007. Bourgeoisie's signature sound is fused between a revival of lost music from the 1980s, disco and and cinematic electro; influenced by names like: Georgio Moroder, Kano, Space Art, KID, Space. Soundtrack artists include Jan Hammer, Harold Faltermeyer, John Carpenter, Vangelis, Stu Phillips to name a few.