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bob K plays its arena rock with much emotional energy, and offers a grandiose sound with dynamic arrangements accompanied by new thinking variations on the Scandinavian rock tradition.  bob K in its long journey has included everything from small club gigs for 40 people to arena concerts with 10 000 festival participants in the audience. Since the start in 2000, bob K approaches 100 concerts around Europe. The studio productions have been given both honors in magazine reviews all over Europe, in South America and the United States. The songs have been played on radio in both America and Europe, and the music videos have appeared in several tv-shows. Music video "Burden" (2012) was also promoted by Hagström Guitars of Sweden. Disco: Several singles and 3 albums: •bob K (2005) Produced by Johan Eckeborn. •Fragile (2010 & 2011). The Fragile Tour started together with the American artist Kevin Max (dcTalk), in late March 2010, and continued in Sweden and Lithuania. •Noir/Blanc (2012) This album was produced by American/Norwegian producer David Larring.