From Jacob Needham & The Blue Trees™

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Coming from all different cornersof Birmingham, AL, and suddenly meeting by chance, four very talented men came together to create Jacob Needham & The Blue Trees™. Based out of Nashville, this band officially released their first single, “Chasing You”, in October of 2015, which charted at #8 on the FM Radio Chart. Jacob Needham himself was originally an independent artist and released his single, “Forever Girl”, but quickly found that teaming up with local musician James Tyler Cody, in February 2015, would allow them both to take their writing to the next level. The two have recently added new musicians, bassist Ben Trexel, and drummer RaShaun Whetstone, to the mix enriching the sound, musicality, and authenticity of the group.

Representing an Southern Americana Groove Rock genre, Jacob Needham and The Blue Trees™ add their own blends of rock, pop, alternative, funk and electronic, allowing them to develop an atmosphere of acceptance. Combining a variety of genres allows their fans to feel comfortable liking a little bit of everything both musically and in their everyday lives.

In November 2014, Jacob’s single “Forever Girl” sold over 10,000 copies in the United States. Needham’s single, "Forever Girl", the bands hit single, "Chasing You", and newest single "All But Over Now", are currently on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play.

“While awaiting the release of our new album “Procrastinated Memoirs”, in October, 2017, we welcome you into our world. “