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This Noisetrade EP features three singles from Blake Hazard's forthcoming solo album Possibilities At Sea. The EP also features an accompanying remix for each single by Xander Singh (Passion Pit, Pepper Rabbit), Styrofoam, and White Sea (M83's Morgan Kibby), respectively. Possibilities At Sea is the follow up to Blake’s solo debut The Eleanor Islands. Following that album’s release Hazard found herself somewhat adrift. She decamped from her homebase of Los Angeles for Istanbul and after a year of living there she returned to Los Angeles with new energy and something to say about love and hope .

The songs came slowly at first, but after connecting with friend and producer Thom Monahan (Wild Nothing, Vetiver) and setting a date to record in Blake’s dream scenario - mostly live on a studio floor with a band of relative strangers - the songs came in a torrent. Blake says, “I’ve always wished I could write that way - songs that people say 'write themselves.’ Songwriting has always been far more arduous for me, but somehow these songs just kept appearing. They came so quickly and somehow so confidently that I didn’t question it.”

Thom and Blake took the tracks back to his home studio and finished the recording there, bringing in a few guest players and singers. In the end, this approach yielded a collection of vintage tinged tunes with a kind of mellow glow. Hazard says, “I’ve never felt simultaneously more calm and more excited as I have while recording these singles. I’d been in such a place of sadness and loss and came out of it wanting to help everyone else through whatever hard times they might be going through. It might sound silly, but, I wanted to be that voice you need to hear telling you everything's going to be ok. I believe in you, and you will always be loved."