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A sneak peek at the forthcoming album, T E E M I N G, from Besides Daniel, featuring the new songs, "Wonderfully Made" and "Live Alone".

From Danny Brewer: "Have you ever felt exposed as flawed and defective and weak? Me too. But instead of hiding in shame, I sing about it. These songs are the songs that have helped me to celebrate vulnerability. I’ve made mistakes, but I’m not a mistake. I’m teeming with life."

T E E M I N G was self-produced and recorded by Matt Pethel of Grey Echo Productions outside of Atlanta. According to Danny, “Coming into this new record, I focused more on the pre-production and on the crafting of the songs. I focused on melody and harmony and putting simple, elegant songwriting elements together. It was developed much more thoroughly beforehand so there was a lot less to do during the actual recording process. That is what’s so fun about writing because you’re always surprised by it. This record has been like that. You start to write and then when you go back and see what you have written you can start to see the patterns and you learn about yourself along the way.”

"Wonderfully Made" is being released as a single Worldwide on June 22, 2018.

T E E M I N G is being released Worldwide on August 24, 2018.