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Just returned from Nashville(USA) recording their debut release 'Red Dress' with Andrija Tokic (of Alabama Shakes fame).

Benny C & the Associates combine the thump of true blues and soul with an eclectic mix of influences from funk to folk.

Fronted by the dynamic Benny 'C' Cunningham who's vocal tone is straight from the pages of BB King, Hendrix and and Rick James BCA bring passion, lyrical honesty and intimacy to their music.

BCA came together at the end of 2013 in Adelaide Australia also features Angela Portolesi on vocals, Kelvin Sugars on drums and Steve Portolesi on Bass along with a bunch of other music 'buddies' as the Associates.

This little 'noise trade sampler' EP is a small offering off the forth coming album 'Red Dress' and some fun ACOUSTIC VERSIONS of some tracks from that album that we wanted to make available.