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"Genesis" is the first track to be released from Benjamin James' debut record, Aeolian.


Tim Roberts: Drums

Marshall Daniels: Vocals, Handpan, Hulusi, Hammered Dulcimer

Caroline Hardin: Violin, Viola, Vocals

Everett Hardin: Vocals, Cello

Ashton Caton: Drums

Kevin Roberts: Acoustic Guitar

Josh Roberts: Bass

Ben Roberts: Vocals, Piano, Acoustic Guitar

Meghan Hockaday: Vocals

Lucas Kovasckitz: Vocals

Choir: Brett Queen, Jessica Jenkins, Andrew Gray, Meg Gray, Catalina Bell, Lilly Ankai-Taylor, Lydia Murrah, Tori Cortes


There are rivers that flow within my spirit

and oceans filling up my mind

and I see that as deep calls out to deep you call to me

There's a wind lifting my dry bones from slumber

a breath that fills more than my lungs and you can hear it

in any song we've ever sung

Oh you are all that's good within me

Your voice hums softly in my soil

composing songs of new life yet to come

and every morning you shape me as the clay and breathe into my lungs

In my darkness you mystify and dazzle

if I could stare past the ever growing ether

would I see you with my waking eyes?