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The inspiration behind this project came from the observation of pop culture. I realized that as a culture, we glorify ignorance. I found myself attracted to mindless tubes that made me laugh but didn't teach me anything. Even while enjoying television, I'm confronted with an ultimatum-- Do I watch this show even though its not the best thing for my eyes, mind and heart?

Then I thought… was there ever a time when television was wholesome? That brought me back to the Cosby Show.

The Cosby show is one of the most viewed shows in television history. It dealt with real topics and portrayed real solutions. At a time when Black Culture was "Ghetto," Bill Cosby showed the world that black people were just like everyone else and inspired people. Indirectly, he showed them that they could be successful no matter their race, background, or economic status.

When hip hop was first demonized, Bill Cosby showed that though he didn't understand the music, he still accepted his children's love for it. They covered social issues, history, disabilities, bullying, faith, and countless other topics that would remind you of a short sermon, and did it all with class and humor!

I decided to narrate this "Mini Mixtape" with snippets of the Cosby Show. I hope you enjoy!