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BEAU + LUCI, Sister Sirens of Swamp Rock cast their primordial spell with BEAU + LUCI LIVE From Aggie Theatre (ft. The Howling Tongues) in Fort Collins, Colorado! With an exclusive front row seat, ride along on this personal musical journey steeped in blackwater incantations and deep-rooted in spirituals resonating from the mystery and folklore of the Okefenokee Swamplands, "the land of the trembling earth." Roll across the breadbasket of America with BEAU + LUCI, mesmerized by their haunting harmonies and bluesy melodies that wrap your soul in a blanket of foggy mysticism rising up through the spellbinding shadows high into the Colorado mountains.

Feel the smoky essence found in the sisters' signature lyrics reminiscent of secrets whispered in a forgotten speakeasy of decades past, with an artistic nod to the articulate inspirations of artists Alex Turner, Stevie Nicks, Johnny Cash, and Emmylou Harris. The music has a bluesy shadowing with an intimate and inherently spiritual soul, while the rock experience is phenomenal, a power-packed delivery inspired by legendary influencers of stadium-sized anthems like The Allman Brothers, Led Zeppelin, Jack White, and The Rolling Stones.

BEAU + LUCI, Sister Sirens of Swamp Rock, capture the essence of their innate storytelling craft through this LIVE NoiseTrade exclusive offering, Rattle the Bones, Muddy Water, Black Boots, and Like A Drum, existentially calling to audiences of all ages and walks of life with their handcrafted musical enchantments.