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Tropical Latin dance music is commonly referred to as “Salsa” — a very generic term with origins in the late 1960's, and made popular by the classic Fania albums of the 1970's. Since then, a very recent style has emerged, a new sound developed mostly in Cuba. This more contemporary fusion of traditional Afro-Cuban music and other musical languages is simply called TIMBA.

The North American styles of Soul and Funk, where jazz chords and harmonies are used to push dance rhythms forward, share a common language with Timba, a favorite of Cuba’s top artists, cultural programs and universities. Even though Timba is a form of popular dance music, it’s rich origins demand a level of technical mastery that is only made possible via highly trained musicians – players who have solid theoretical backgrounds in classical, jazz and traditional Afro-Cuban music.

Formed in 2005 by trumpeter and composer Tamas Bodzsár and a group of young jazz musicians, Barrio Latino is the first Timba orchestra in Hungary. Although the band has not been active in the past few years, the bands’ music was recognized by Grammy award winning sound engineer Michael Lazarus, owner of Latin Pulse Music Inc. and it’s various divisions. Modern internet tools and programs have facilitated this new international collaboration between Tamas and Michael, and, as a consequence of this collaboration, Barrio Latino’s debut album will be released on the USA-based, LPM record label: Spanish Music Records.