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Three songs from Birmingham rock-n-roll outfit Banditos' mind-bending, exhilarating sophomore album 'Visionland,' out now on Bloodshot Records. "Fine, Fine Day" is punk-garage soul, a Stooges-meets-Velvet Underground churner. "Healin' Slow" is a phantasm of vintage ‘60s Etta James soul with burning-hot background singers. And psychedelic title track "Visionland" is comprised of sweeping, soaring guitar, lilting banjo, and the warm and sunny clarity of a duet between singer Mary Beth Richardson and singer/guitarist Corey Parsons. Also included are two songs from Banditos' 2015 eponymous debut album: the slinky, surfy last call party anthem "Still Sober (After All These Beers)" and the ragtime, honky tonk saloon sing-along "Cry Baby Cry." The release is rounded out with the band's show-stopping, bone-chilling cover of Screamin' Jay Hawkins's creepy classic "I Put a Spell on You."