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Every small town in America holds a thousand stories. From the Northeast and South through the Heartland to the West Coast: a set of values remains commonplace, bound together by faith, family, friendship and love. Enter country pop trio Auburn Road—Alicia Paulson, Paxton Martin and Kristen Brown—three multi-talented teen vocalists who hold these revered country music principles close to their hearts.

Performing together in community vocal groups since the age of eight, the lifelong friends bonded over musical influences like The Dixie Chicks, Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift while crafting their own undeniable sound. Auburn Road may hail from the suburbs of Sacramento, but their music truly reflects the ethos of Nashville through their infectious style, sass and spirit. “We respect the traditions of country music, and we see our music and shows as a celebration of them,” said Alicia. “Our dream is to one day sing inside of the legendary wooden circle at the Grand Ole Opry and see the words “Auburn Road” in lights at Madison Square Garden, just like all the artists we have looked up to.”

Since forming in 2013, Auburn Road has shared the stage with Uncle Kracker, Drake White, Canaan Smith, JT Hodges, Granger Smith, and many others. Moreover, the girls have sung the National Anthem in front of sold-out crowds at Sonoma Raceway (NHRA) and other motorsports events in addition to baseball and soccer games in and out of California. They have also been featured on the cover of several California publications: Deliberate Magazine and Submerge Magazine.

"Our goal is to make timeless music that speaks not only about our experiences but those of people everywhere,” said Paxton. “We want mothers to bring their daughters to our concert and fall in love with the music together. But don’t forget to bring dad and baby brother too, we want everybody to have fun at our shows.”

Their independent, debut album, Fancy, released in 2016 does a great job of bringing generations together. The trio wrote all the songs on the album and was encouraged to record their vocals the “old fashioned way” eschewing auto-tune in favor of the heat that is felt from raw performances. Produced by industry veteran Michael Anderson—former bass player and musical director for modern icons such as Christina Aguilera and Chris Brown; with production credits that include Ashlee Simpson, and American Idol alums Chris Daughtry, Kellie Pickler and David Archuleta to name a few.

Other talented and notable musicians that are featured on Fancy include, Jason Aldean's rhythm section—Rich Redmond, Kurt Allison, and Tully Kennedy— with mastering duties covered by Andrew Mendelson [Willie Nelson, Lady Antebellum, and Little Big Town] helping Auburn Road’s debut EP capture a palpable integrity.

The title track “Fancy” showcases their inimitable harmonies over a distinct twang and upbeat track, bringing in this debut EP with a bang. “While we were in the studio, I missed a phone call from one of my girlfriends,” recalls Kristen. “She was really upset because her boyfriend had broken up with her. That moment became the inspiration for Fancy and ultimately became the first song written for our album.” We wanted to focus more on the sisterhood rather than the heartache,” adds Alicia. “The song is really about being there for your friends when they need to be lifted up.”

“Tuff Girl” is an energetic and empowering anthem propelled by bluesy guitars and the girl’s confident delivery. “Tuff Girl” is the song you will want to turn up loud and sing along with; it's meant to empower, build confidence and inspire girls and women of all ages. “We wanted to write a song that every girl in the world would want to listen to when they are on their way to school, the gym or a big job interview. This song will get you going,” adds Kristen.

Over delicate acoustic guitar and piano, “Friday Night Lights” pays homage to the legendary film and television series of the same name, offering up its own unforgettable narrative in the process. “Friday Night Lights” propels the listener back to Friday nights at the local high school football game no matter if that game was last week or years ago.

With their singular approach, clear vision, and amazing three-part harmonies, Auburn Road is poised to make a huge impact on listeners everywhere.