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I took the name Arts Fishing Club as a reminder of the way my grandfathers (Col. Arthur Kessenich and Arthur Schmidt) taught me to approach fishing. Fishing, like music, is about going out every day and casting with the sincerest intention for success. However, when you end up empty handed (and you will wind up empty handed), you have to remember the real reason to fish is the adventure of being in the boat with people you love.

Music--my art--is the same for me. I write my songs with the wholehearted intention for them to be the best product I can create. However, I'm not going to define my success by whether or not they are commercially accepted. I derive my worth from the process, the struggle it takes to create art, and the people I get to collaborate with. Keeping my head wrapped around why I "Art" is difficult in an industry that inherently values short-term success. I need this name "Arts Fishing Club" to keep me grounded so that I can keep progressing in what I love to do without losing sight of why I do it.

This EP is about being young and afraid of what will become of me. I struggle with societal pressures, past loves, new loves, and whether or not falling in love is what I need to be focusing on right now. I hope you enjoy it!