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Arthur Wachnik is a singer/songwriter and theatre artist from Toronto, Canada. His music embraces a wide range of genres which gives it a very unique flavour. It has appealed to audiences across Europe, Australia and North and South America where he has had the good fortune to tour over the last several years. His new album Let us Run arrives almost 5 years after the release of his critically acclaimed debut: Least of These. The new record features stunning arrangements and blends old world melodies with alt-rock instrumentation.

Let Us Run was inspired after befriending Romani Gypsy refugees and playing with them in church services. Their beautiful music greatly influenced the culture of the nations they found themselves in and yet they were never truly welcomed to make their home in these lands. Their struggles inspired the songs on Let Us Run. This album is for all the people who make beautiful music with their lives but never feel like they are welcomed to make their home in this world. Let Us Run is about the journey to find a home and the One who helps us get there.

Arthur currently lives in the Toronto area where he produces theatre and performs music.