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I am of the opinion that it's never too late to bring some good news into the world. Well, my current good news, or "gospel" if you will, comes in the form of a new album entitled, "The Shadow Can't Have Me." This is not a perfect album, it's mostly a collection of one-take demos, some even written on the spot. The fragile nature of this record is fitting because these songs arose out of the last couple of years of my life...a very broken season for me personally. To me, these are gospel songs for those in the valley...songs that confess the shattered nature of everything and in the same breath point to a hope that is real and eternal. In summation, this is an album for people walking through hell. If you are in the thick of such a journey I pray these songs do what I would hope any song of mine might do. I pray they help.

God bless you folks.