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An exclusive preview of San Francisco-based ArchiveX's 'soul-ambient-electro-roots.' With a love of gospel and rock, old-school soul and electronic music plus influences ranging from Mahalia Jackson to Thom Yorke, Moby to Tom Waits, ArchiveX's debut colllection "Some Ungodly Hour" was never going to be easily categorized. But early critics on both sides of the Atlantic have weighed in with some helpful descriptions:

"ArchiveX’s blend of pop, rock, gospel and ambient: unearthly… stomping… impossibly gorgeous…pure vocal conjuring." - HITS Magazine

"Hints of Prince... some 'Exile on Mainstreet'... and a little bit from Queen. With ArchiveX, there are praises to be sung. " - Steve Hochman (KPCC/KQED/LATimes)

"All I know is this is some mind-blowing shit!" -

"Soul ambient and roots with a twist…hard-hitting vocals and production ...honed to a sharp metaphorical point. " - Headliner

"Dazzlingly timeless and intense music." - Fame Magazine

" ‘Hard Times’ is a song that rips into your soul …. A MUST watch music video guaranteed to touch your heart!” - Music Injection

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