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“I live in the best suburb in the United States,” isn’t exactly the quote you’re expecting when talking to singer songwriter Jared Heath about his background. However, the Oklahoma native is not only proud of the statistic but also a little shocked himself. “Apparently Edmond (Oklahoma) is where it’s at,” he rants. Jared’s mellow and laidback personality directly mirrors his alternative rock, pop-punk style and beautiful melodies that intertwine throughout his songs. Originally learning to play classical guitar and quickly expanding to acoustic and electric, Jared admits it’s on the piano where he has to write. “The guitar has always been a beautiful instrument to me ...but the piano just makes writing easier, I can’t really explain it.” Jared’s musical influence comes from bands such as City And Colour and Mayday Parade. The latter in which he claims, “I feel like I’ve been listening to them my whole life!” Jared strives to write songs that connect with people in whatever state they’re in. “ If you’re down …or ever feeling like what we have on this earth isn’t enough, you don’t go listen to upbeat poppy songs…people like to know that they're not alone , that someone else has felt that feeling and someone else has been in that place..” With a constant desire to relate to people who are broken Jared’s songs strives to introduce listeners to hope and beauty in music. Currently recording and producing an EP scheduled to release in the summer of 2013, Jared bounces around the idea of becoming a touring and recording artist after he graduates from John Brown University in May. “I enjoy relating to people on a personal level, and I don’t know if I could do music without getting to see people face to face …that's what makes it real, and I enjoy that.”